Watch the 'Fear Street' Cast Answer Spoilery Questions in New Video

Remember, There are Spoilers! Netflix has released a little Zoom compilation with the cast and creator of Fear Street to address some spoiler-heavy questions about the films, which is a move that makes me strangely nostalgic for the glory days of DVDs when even the crappiest release had a little mini-doc on it with these […]

The Protege: Release Date, Cast, and More

(Welcome to …And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.) There’s a whole slew of revenge-driven action films starring women coming out in the next year, but not all of ’em have Michael Keaton mugging it up as the […]

Michael B. Jordan is Making His Own Black Superman Project for HBO Max

This is huge. Actor Michael B. Jordan, long rumored to be associated with a Superman project to various degrees, is reportedly taking matters into his own hands for HBO Max. Collider has the scoop that Jordan will be developing his own iteration of Superman entirely separate from the traditional Kal-el. Instead, the focus will be […]

'American Rust' Trailer: Jeff Daniels Investigates a Shocking Murder

Nothing shakes a small town quite like a murder. It doesn’t take much more for angry, grief-stricken residents to begin pointing fingers and turning against their neighbors. TV shows have been running with this premise for years and it returns once again in the form of American Rust, an upcoming Showtime drama series. The new […]

'The Suicide Squad' Clip: Meet Nathan Fillion's Incredibly Bizarre Supervillain

Prepare yourselves to see the most heavily armed supervillain in James Gunn‘s The Suicide Squad. IGN released an exclusive clip from the upcoming DCEU flick showing off the not-so-superpowers of Nathan Fillion‘s character, The Detachable Kid. And he’s exactly what he sounds like. The Suicide Squad Clip In the short clip, Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn and Joel Kinnaman‘s Rick Flag […]