Conjoined twins are finally separated at a Vatican paediatric hospital

Two-year-old conjoined twins whose skulls were fused together are finally separated following rare surgery at a Vatican paediatric hospital Sisters Ervina and Prefina were born in 2018 in Mbaiki, Central African Republic  Born with heads attached and sharing critical blood vessels around their brains  Doctors at the Bambino Gesu Paediatric Hospital in Rome, have separated them […]

The world is finally uniting against China’s bully tactics

Twenty Indian soldiers are murdered in a surprise cross-border attack by the People’s Liberation Army. A Philippine fishing boat is sunk in its own territorial waters by increasingly predatory Chinese ships. Peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong are beaten bloody by riot police on Beijing’s orders. Australia’s farmers and miners are hit with trade sanctions […]

Le Creuset Finally Has an Affordable Dinnerware Set

There are two types of households: those who could afford to stock their cabinets with Le Creuset dinnerware and those who couldn’t. Until today. The luxury French cookware brand recently launched their brand-new Everyday Enamelware line selling for — finally! — a reasonable price. Le Creuset’s new shatterproof, stain-resistant collection includes eight items — dinner […]

Ugly MLB talks might finally have a compromise in sight: Sherman

The third person in a room with Tony Clark and Rob Manfred shouldn’t be a UFC referee, it should be a court stenographer. As we have learned with these two sides, they are never going to agree to agree even on what they supposedly have agreed upon. One man’s framework is another’s proposal. The difference […]