Where to find rare and valuable coins including pennies featuring Lincoln

BELIEVE it or not, some pennies could be quite valuable if you come across the right one. Although fewer Americans are using minted change for purchases, rare coins are selling online for thousands. Many of those coins include pennies featuring 16th president Abraham Lincoln on the front side, which isn’t anything unusual to most Americans. However, there are unique elements […]

Shocked magnet fishermen find man's body in Manchester canal

Shocked magnet fishermen find man’s body in Manchester canal – with police launching investigation into how he died Body was found in Rochdale Canal next to Old Church Street in Newton Heath Three fire engines and ‘ten police cars’ descended on the scene at 10.10am A tent was put up on the canal towpath and forensic […]

How to find the best basic bank account and get accepted

OPENING a bank account to manage your money may seem easy but some people struggle to access financial products due to credit issues . Here is how to find the best basic bank account and why you may need one. Up to 1.5million Brits don't have one – and this is where basic accounts come […]