Black Swan Choreographer Benjamin Millepied Launches App to Dance at Home: 'No Reason to Be Daunted'

The resulting app features content tailored to all levels of dancers: from current ones to total beginners eager to sweat. Classes include a ballet program offering barre and pointe masterclasses, contemporary dance, stretch, cardio, improvisation, and period dance moves. There are also guest classes with famed choreographer/dancer Madeline Hollander and Paris Opera Ballet's Maie-Agnes Gillot. […]

10 Fitness and Weight Loss Myths Trainers Want You to Stop Believing

Thanks to diet culture, the fitness industry is filled with misinformation about what it takes to be truly healthy. And with many gyms still closed (and some exercisers opting not to use gyms in places where they are open), more people than ever are creating their own workouts, trying virtual fitness classes, and using home […]

Fitness chef explains why eating bread DOESN'T make you fat

Why bread DOESN’T make you fat: Fitness chef explains why eating toast won’t ruin your diet but you must be careful about toppings (and butter isn’t the worst offender!) Graeme Tomlinson has claimed that eating bread doesn’t lead to weight gain  Expert, known as Fitness Chef on Instagram, revealed toppings can be fattening Plain toast […]

Adrianne Curry Celebrates Breast Implant Removal By Working Out Topless

In case you hadn’t seen, Adrianne Curry is living a very different lifestyle these days. The original America’s Next Top Model winner walked away from modeling and reality TV a couple years ago. She got married, moved to Montana, and hasn’t looked back. She works as an Avon lady now! Part of taking the girl out of Hollywood […]