Splurge For The Cause With Breast Cancer Awareness Buys

Too many of us have been touched in some way by breast cancer. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women and death rates in the U.S. are higher than those for any other cancer, except for lung cancer. In women under 45, breast cancer is more common in Black women than white […]

Patel plans visa penalties for countries that refuse deportations

Priti Patel will be granted new powers to ban all of a country’s citizens from the UK if they refuse deportations Powers will enable Patel to suspend visas entirely if countries do not co-operate Powers mean applicants could face £190 surcharge or longer processing times Aim is to encourage countries to cooperate with UK deportations […]

Prince Harry Calls for an End to Drilling in Africa’s Okavango River

Prince Harry is advocating for one of the most important natural resources in Africa. In an open letter for The Washington Post, the Duke of Sussex called for an end to corporate drilling in the Okavango River, a body of water that, according to the prince, has “nourished humans and wildlife in Southern Africa for […]

BBC given dressing down for airing ‘distressing’ Christian Eriksen cardiac arrest coverage as viewers complaints upheld

OUTRAGED viewers have scored a victory over the BBC after it upheld a complaint over the broadcast of 'distressing' images of collapsed Christian Eriksen during a Euro 2020 football match. The Beeb’s Executive Complaints Unit says shots of Denmark star Eriksen, who went into cardiac arrest during the game, breached guidelines on potentially offensive material. […]

Robert Durst, 78,is jailed for life for execution of best friend

Robert Durst, 78,is jailed for life for 2000 execution of best friend Susan Berman who he shot in the head so she couldn’t reveal what happened to his missing wife Kathie – as NY prosecutors prepare to bring charges over her 1982 disappearance Durst was sentenced at a court in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon […]