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Two K-pop stars are jailed for gang-raping a woman in South Korea

Two K-pop stars who joked online about drugging and sexually assaulting women cry as they are jailed for gang-raping two victims Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon were found guilty of raping two women Jung was also convicted of filming himself having sex and distributing footage  A judge in Seoul said they regarded women as ‘objects […]

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Police officer sacked for sending videos of sex act to a witness

Shamed police officer, 37, who sent videos of himself performing an X-rated sex act in his uniform to a vulnerable woman witness is sacked Christopher Leach was dismissed after claims of misconduct were found proven He sent videos of himself performing a sex act to a ‘vulnerable’ female witness  Leach admitted sending them to the […]


Hannah B. Has Some Advice For Peter About Being The Next Bachelor

Dating 30 people on national television can come with its fair share of stress and nobody knows that better than Hannah Brown, who became this year’s Bachelorette after serving as a contestant on Colton’s season. And with great insight comes great responsibility, which is why Hannah has advice for Peter about becoming the Bachelor, based […]


NFL's waiver for Colin Kaepernick the main focus of issue over workout

Kaepernick focused on his message while NFL offers him opportunity: Jack Brewer Former NFL player Jack Brewer discusses Colin Kaepernick’s reportedly failing to earn an NFL bid after his work out. A waiver the NFL wanted Colin Kaepernick to sign prior to his Saturday workout was the major issue between the former quarterback’s camp and […]


Go west for the Due West Arts Festival

As its name suggests, the Due West Arts Festival is designed to showcase works by artists working in Melbourne's west. Rich with music, performance, spoken word, theatre and history, the program is designed to cater to a broad demographic with a wide range of interests. Footscray Community Arts Centre program manager Louisa Minutillo and executive […]

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A Texas husband and wife for 80 years are oldest living U.S. couple

Texas husband, 106, and wife, 105, are officially named as the oldest living couple in the world as they prepare to celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary John and Charlotte Henderson are the oldest living couple in the  world John, 106, and Charlotte, 105, will mark their 80th anniversary in December  John Henderson is also oldest surviving […]