New Forest pony is confused with a GIRAFFE thanks to its markings

Spot the difference! New Forest pony is confused with a GIRAFFE thanks to its patchy markings Trudy Surman-Roper spotted the speckled animal in the New Forest on August 7 She has ‘never seen anything so unique in this setting’ and sprinted after it Her daughter identified it as a giraffe using the SLEEK app when […]

Farmer JOHN LEWIS-STEMPEL’s elegy to a British forest in December

‘The magic of my winter wood’: Farmer and author JOHN LEWIS-STEMPEL’s mesmerising elegy to the wonders of a British forest in December For four years, author and farmer John Lewis-Stempel managed a three-and-a-half acre wood in Herefordshire.  Here, in the December entry from his diary of his final year there, he explains its ancient beauty […]

Forest Whitaker Slams Wife With Divorce Papers After 22 Years of Marriage

After 22 years of marriage, actor Forest Whitaker has filed for divorce from wife Keisha Nash Whitaker, and has all the details. SEE THE SHOCKING COURT DOCUMENTS According to the divorce petition obtained by Radar, Whitaker, 57, blames “irreconcilable differences” for the split. Whitaker met Nash, 46, on the set of Blown Away in […]

Outdoor survival expert cooks Christmas dinner in a forest for friends

No kitchen required! Outdoor survival expert, 35, reveals how you can cook an entire Christmas dinner complete with turkey, sprouts and mince pies for 35 guests on an open fire in the middle of a forest Outdoor survival expert Paul Harvey cooked a Christmas feast in some woods Mr Harvey, 48,  organised the annual festive celebration […]