Germany rely on old-fashioned approach and manually traced COVID-19

Germany’s ‘virus detectives’ rely on old-fashioned ‘shoe leather’ approach and manually traced Covid-19 as early as possible – unlike the UK and many other countries The UK are working hard on a contact tracing programme to track coronavirus Germany, meanwhile, traced the virus through manual means as well as an app Contact tracers operate locally […]

Merkel intervenes in damaging row between Germany and Brussels

Angela Merkel has stepped in to try to find a way out of a damaging clash between Germany and Brussels after the EU threatened to bring infringement proceedings over a ruling by the country’s constitutional court. The German chancellor stressed that the dispute was solvable, after the European commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, issued […]

Germany bans Hezbollah, raids mosques

Germany bans all activity by Hezbollah following pressure from Israel and US, as cops launch raids on mosques linked to the Islamist group Germany now classifies Hezbollah as a ‘Shiite terrorist organisation’   It had until now only outlawed Hezbollah’s military wing, not political wing  The shift on Thursday was immediately welcomed by the US and […]

Germany takes tentative steps back to normality as lockdown eases

As shops across parts of Germany took their first tentative steps back to normality since lockdown rules were introduced a month ago, Andreas Trost took stock at the window of a haberdashery in the Potsdam district of Babelsberg, west of Berlin. “Not exactly life as we’ve known it,” he said, reading the sign in the […]

Germany and France accuse the US of seizing shipments of medical masks

Germany accuses the US of ‘modern day piracy’ for seizing a shipment of medical equipment – as French officials claim they were forced to fight with American buyers for millions of masks on a Chinese tarmac The United States allegedly ‘confiscated’ 200,000 3M masks that Germany had ordered for their medical workers Berlin officials blasted […]

Germany is using drive-thru centres to swab patients for coronavirus

Would you like a coronavirus test with that? Germany is now using drive-thru centres to swab patients for the killer infection as outbreak continues to spiral in Europe Germany already has more than 1,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 Drive-thru tests are being used following South Korea and the UK  It keeps people who are worried […]

Merkel’s Germany isn’t the climate leader you take it for

London: A decade ago this June, G8 leaders shuffled out of the Deerhurst Resort in Canada and made their way to a nearby lake for the traditional family photo. Of the eight politicians who waved for the cameras that Sunday, only one remains in office: Angela Merkel. Some counterparts struggled to match the German Chancellor's […]