How Meghan McCain Is Going To Completely Change Her Life

Work can be exciting, but putting in more hours than needed can lead to burnout. It can be tempting to take on more and more work, often forgetting about the time that the work takes away from our health. In the long run, overworking will only add to the stresses that we face in life […]

Jason Momoa Says Hes Going Fully Blonde for Aquaman 2

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is finally scheduled to begin filming today (July 19). Jason Momoa, who plays the superhero, posted a video to his Instagram yesterday teasing that he’s going to be changing his hair for the role. “I am finally in England. It is sunny out, it’s amazing, and I’m gonna start Aquaman […]

‘You know we are going to kill you’: Ex-priest’s chilling threat to lawyer

Singapore: A defrocked Catholic priest accused of systematic child abuse in East Timor has been reported to police for allegedly threatening to kill the human rights lawyer representing the victims. The claim against American-born Richard Daschbach was made in a statement released on Tuesday night by law firm JUS Juridico Social Consultoria. Richard Daschbach has […]

Here's Who's Going to Win 'Big Brother' — Based on Basically Nothing

There’s absolutely no way to know yet, but let’s take a swing anyway Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS “Big Brother” has returned for its 23rd season on CBS and this year, the prize is bigger than ever with the winner going home with $750,000. So obviously, gameplay is going to be even more intense, especially since they’re […]

What’s Going On With Gizelle And Jamal Bryant?

On Season 5 of the “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” fans saw Gizelle Bryant reunite with her ex-husband, Jamal Bryant. The two, who share three children together, tied the knot in 2002, but divorced seven years later due to Jamal’s reported infidelity. Then, the couple gave it another chance in 2020. “He has always let me […]

Australian kids going missing from care after being sexually abused

Disturbing report reveals an ‘alarming’ number of Australian kids are going missing after being sexually abused by organised paedophile rings An ‘alarming’ number of kids are going missing after being sexually abused A third of those who disappear from Victorian state care were victims of attacks Report found the state’s most vulnerable kids are going […]

Is no one going to mention how confusing and out of it Biden was?

More On: joe biden Refund the police: Biden says cities should spend leftover COVID funds on hiring cops GOP leader McCarthy: China ‘must be held accountable for lies’ Joe Biden touts bipartisanship at funeral of GOP Sen. John Warner Biden, Schumer push to advance elections overhaul after GOP blocks bill President Biden’s topic was one […]