EastEnders star had to stuff chicken fillets down her bra for boob scene

Lorraine Stanley has recalled the awkward time she had to shove chicken fillets down her bra after expressing milk between scenes on EastEnders. The Karen Taylor actress previously starred as a very different character, Thelma Bragg – the flirty in your face rival of Linda Carter’s (Kellie Bright) for the pub of the year competition. […]

Every New York team had their own Horace Clarke

The passing of Horace Clarke earlier this week inspired one splendid and loyal reader, Eric Schnipper (aka @drschnip on Twitter) to make a suggestion: “Name the Horace Clarke facsimile for all New York pro teams: a guy … who played for the better part of a decade and epitomizes the era of ineptitude — and, […]

Patrick Mahomes had no idea NFL allowed 10-year contracts

Patrick Mahomes didn’t even know his new contract was allowed. Following a Super Bowl title, earning Super Bowl MVP in the process, – a year after winning NFL MVP – Mahomes inked a 10-year contract worth up to $503 million to stay with the Chiefs for the foreseeable future. The deal is the richest in […]