More young adults have taken up smoking during Covid, study shows

COVID has turned young adults into smokers, a study has revealed. And plans to turn England smoke-free by 2030 will be left in tatters by the pandemic unless drastic action is taken, experts have warned. The proportion of 18 to 24-year-olds who smoke has jumped from about a quarter to a third in the past […]

Cricket WILL have full houses… but only if Boris holds his nerve

Cricket WILL have full houses at grounds with capacities under 30,000 from June 21… as long as dangerous Covid variants don’t emerge and disrupt the roadmap back to normality Cricket fans are set to enjoy a vintage summer back inside grounds Government are to permit full houses at 30,000-capacity grounds from June 21 However, this […]

Tom Brady will have his Patriots revenge game early in 2021 NFL season

More On: tom brady Tom Brady ‘can play until he’s 50’ Tom Brady is ‘fearful’ of life after football Tom Brady’s new profile picture sends Twitter into frenzy Tom Brady isn’t starting an Aaron Rodgers-like controversy Tom Brady’s 143rd career regular-season game in Foxborough, Mass. won’t be like any of the others. The NFL isn’t […]

Large events have 'a small impact' on Covid spread, SAGE report claims

Concerts, football matches and other large events have a ‘small impact’ on Covid transmission because they are impersonal and smaller groups pose bigger risk, SAGE research claims UK Government already trialling large events to see how to do them safely SAGE researchers suggest face-to-face contact is lesser at huge events Large outdoor events like concerts […]