The heartbreaking events that led to ex-Dodger Andrew Toles’ arrest

When former Dodgers outfielder Andrew Toles was arrested on June 22 while sleeping outside of the Key West Airport in Florida, his family felt one overwhelming emotion: relief. “It’s really crazy to say, but the mug shot, really, was the best thing ever,” Andrew’s sister, Morgan Toles, told USA Today. “We didn’t know whether he […]

The Heartbreaking Details of Shelley Duvall's Life After 'The Shining'

Shelley Duvall was one of the biggest celebrities of the ’70s and ’80s, and worked in Hollywood as an actress and producer. She became famous for her ability to portray eccentric characters and appeared in popular films such as Annie Hall and Nashville. Duvall’s best-known film is likely the iconic Stephen King film The Shining […]

Heartbreaking images of baby images chained up in tiny cages

Heartbreaking images of baby gibbons chained up in tiny cages leave BBC viewers distressed as Primates shines a light on monkeys being sold as pets via social media BBC documentary series Primates shone a light on the trade of monkeys as pets Showed heartbreaking images of baby gibbons chained up in tiny cages Focused on […]

Heartbreaking reports from the coronavirus front line

Heartbreaking reports from the front line: Amid fears the number of coronavirus deaths in care homes is much higher than official statistics suggest, relatives of four victims reveal the agony of their loss Care home nurse Elsie Sazuze ‘lost her life doing the job she loved’, a friend said An 86-year-old died at a home […]

Heartbreaking video shows son in tears after losing mum to COVID-19

Heartbreaking moment son breaks down in tears as he reveals ‘gut-wrenching’ pain of losing his mother to coronavirus Stuart Hamlin’s mother Tracy went into hospital in Portsmouth on Monday  She died on Thursday with her family unable to say goodbye to her there  Her son posted heartbreaking video of him sobbing on the day she […]