Migrants WILL be held on ferries off the British coast

‘The ferries plan is on’: Migrants WILL be held on boats off the British coast under proposals being worked on by Priti Patel’s officials Idea is to use boats to house asylum seekers before they land on British shores The ferries plan formed  part of controversial leaked Home Office plans last week Government sources earlier insisted […]

Airline crew reportedly held in COVID-19 ‘concentration camp’

The cabin crew of a British Airways flight has been held in what one flight attendant has described as a “concentration camp” in Hong Kong after a colleague tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a report. The incident — which sparked a diplomatic row between the UK and the former British colony — began […]

Migrant boats held in Dover warehouse will be donated to charity

Hundreds of migrant boats stored in Dover warehouse will be donated to Sea Scouts and RNLI – as September becomes busiest month for Channel crossings with 1,487 people landing so far Dover MP Natalie Elphicke proposed boats are donated to RNLI and Sea Scouts  In July, it was revealed hundreds of discarded boats are stored […]

Bureaucrats need to be held to account over hotel quarantine

Every modern democratic government is made up of elected officials and a bureaucracy. Victoria's state government is no different. Those brought to power by the people, from Premier Daniel Andrews down, are entrusted with overseeing and enacting the laws of the land, while government departments are responsible for implementation. In principle, the doctrine of ministerial […]

French castle that once held the Marquis de Sade has gone on sale

French Alpine castle where the Marquis de Sade was jailed for drugging prostitutes and sodomy with his manservant before escaping is put up for sale for £3.85million The castle features a keep, gardens, a panoramic view of the picturesque French landscape and of Mont Blanc In the 1700s the castle was used as a prison, […]

Seattle held training for white staff aimed at 'undoing whiteness'

City of Seattle held segregated training session for white staff aimed at ‘undoing their whiteness’ and told them ‘not to take undeserved promotions’ to be better allies for racial justice The City of Seattle held a segregated training session for white staffers last month in which they instructed workers on how to ‘undo their whiteness’ […]