HENRY DEEDES: Could there be more poignant symbol of Queen's loss?

Throne alone: HENRY DEEDES asks could there have been a more poignant symbol of the Queen’s recent loss than the missing chair beside her? For decades, she presided over the State Opening of Parliament beneath the gold canopy in the House of Lords, her husband perched loyally by her side. When Philip retired, the Queen’s […]

HENRY BLOFELD: Banning batsmen and wickets is just not cricket!

Banning batsmen and wiping out wickets? It’s just not cricket! The inimitable HENRY BLOFELD’s wickedly funny riposte to plans to dumb down the game Cricket’s newest format The Hundred is the latest shortened version of the sport It hopes to attract new and younger fans and has changed its lexicon Wickets will be known as […]

Henry VIII's secret love nest goes on market for £550,000

Henry VIII’s secret love nest: Three bedroom thatched cottage where king is believed to have romanced Anne Boleyn while he was married to Catherine of Aragon goes on market for £550,000 King said to have held secret meetings at the property in Stoke Mandeville, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire The village and the surrounding areas were inherited […]