Pub and restaurant bosses hit out at 'absurd' Freedom Day holdup

Stranded in the last-chance saloon: Pub and restaurant bosses hit out at ‘absurd’ Freedom Day holdup after Boris Johnson cancels plans to fully reopen the country Freedom Day is pushed back four weeks to beyond the end of Euro 2020, July 11 Pub bosses warn of thousands of job losses and £1billion-a-week cost to industry […]

Pat Riley hit with tampering fine after inviting LeBron James back to Miami

Pat Riley, unsurprisingly, has been fined for his borderline invitation for LeBron James to return to South Beach. The NBA on Wednesday announced the Heat president received a $25,000 fine for violating the league’s anti-tampering rule as a result of his recent comments about James. Riley, during a radio interview, expressed his support for the […]

People hit out at Guardian article that condemns apple pie as 'racist'

Now American apple pie is cancelled! The Guardian links it to the ‘vast and ongoing genocide of indigenous people’, the slave trade and even calls traditional gingham cloth it sits on cultural appropriation Guardian writer Raj Patel said the classic American dessert was born of slavery and colonialism His article highlighted how apple trees had […]

Businesses blacklisted and hit with scathing reviews over COVID stance

For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. Small business owners who demand customers wear face masks and sign in with QR codes are being targeted by those with “fringe views”, who are bombarding them with scathing online reviews. Anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers on the encrypted messaging app Telegram are regularly updating a blacklist of […]

Cycling can hit women's love life too, study finds

Cycling can hit women’s love life too! More than half of female riders suffer sexual problems as a result of ‘nerve compression’ caused by bicycle seats, study finds Researchers found more than half of female cyclists suffered sexual problems These were as a result of ‘nerve compression’ caused by their bicycle seats The study found most […]