Inside Hollyoaks Tylan Grants private life from famous parents to name change

Hollyoaks favourite Brooke Hathaway has recently come to terms with their gender identity in heartfelt scenes. The popular character, played by Tylan Grant, came out as non-binary after struggling to deal with the announcement they had been voted prom queen of Hollyoaks High. Brooke's sensitive but ultimately uplifting storyline has meant a lot to Tylan, […]

Hollyoaks fans in tears as Brooke comes out as non-binary in powerful scenes

Hollyoaks fans were reduced to tears on Thursday evening as Brooke Hathaway (Tylan Grant) came out as non-binary. Fans have witnessed the youngster question their gender identity in recent months while receiving the support of new friend Ripley Lennox (Ki Griffin). During the latest E4 first-look episode, Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox) was confused to see […]

Hollyoaks fans predict newcomer Becky is a figment of Dianes imagination

Former Coronation Street favourite Katie McGlynn made her debut appearance in Hollyoaks as young mum Becky during Monday night's first-look episode on E4. The mysterious character befriended vulnerable Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher), who has been sturggling with her mental health in recent months. Diane has been trying her best to hide her OCD from husband […]