'Freaky': How a Lindsay Lohan Comedy Inspired The Horror Film

Lindsay Lohan had a substantial impact on pop culture. For example, one of her movies inspired the new horror film Freaky. Let’s take a look at how Freaky is performing compared to the Lohan movie which inspired it. Why Christopher Landon felt his ‘cute’ horror film had to be gory It all starts with Disney. […]

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Horror crash Bernie Ecclestone must be enjoying

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: One horror crash that Bernie Ecclestone must be enjoying When married to Petra Ecclestone, James Stunt enjoyed parading in London’s West End with a platoon of bodyguards and a fleet of blacked-out limos, like a dictator from a banana republic. But those glory days appear to have vanished for ever. For I can […]

'His House' Movie Review: The Scariest Horror Movie on Netflix This Halloween

There is something universal about horror. Anyone, anywhere can relate to being scared. Each culture can also bring interesting new colors to horror. His House is an African take on a haunted house movie, and it premieres Oct. 30 on Netflix.   ‘His House’ is haunted  Bol (Ṣọpẹ Dírìsú) and Rial Majur (Wunmi Mosaku) escape wartorn […]

'The Blair Witch Project': Where is Heather Donahue Now?

When The Blair Witch Project was released in 1999, a new cultural phenomenon was born with it. While the 1980s were the pinnacle of horror at the box office, the ’90s did not fare as well. All of that changed when a little-known film with a tiny budget became the talk of the town in Hollywood. However, despite the film’s success, […]