How to get an effective cardio workout without running

For some, running is a release, an escape, a life-affirming activity that boosts the body and the mind. For others, running is the seventh layer of hell. Whether you can’t run because you’re isolating, or injured – or you just hate it from the bottom of your soul, you’re probably looking for a way to […]

How Australia is showing the world the way to fight coronavirus

How Australia has led the world in fighting COVID-19 with stringent testing, quarantine, border controls and a dose of luck – and why only 51 people have died compared with thousands in UK and US Australia’s infection and death rates have been far lower than in the UK and US  COVID-19 cases peaked in Australia […]

Joanna Gaines Shares How Her Relationship with Food Changed Over the Years

Former Fixer Upper star JoannaGaines recently released her second cookbook, titled Magnolia Table, Vol.2. Here’s what the designer and cook shared about her relationship withfood and how it has changed throughout the years. Joanna Gaines says food represents comfort and familiarity In Magnolia Table, Vol. 2, Gaines admits she doesn’tlike change. She says she’s a […]