How did River Phoenix die?

RIVER Phoenix was a rising Hollywood star who had the world at his feet. That was until one fateful night in 1993 when the Stand By Me star's life was cut tragically short. Who was River Phoenix? River, who was born River Jude Bottom on August 23, 1970, had an unconventional childhood as his parents […]

How to watch the US election 2020 debate in the UK?

THE US election 2020 debate will see Trump and Biden go face-to-face on live television. But when is the debate, what will be discussed and how can I watch it in the UK? How to watch the US election 2020 debate in the UK? The US election 2020 debate is taking place at Case Western […]

How to feel confident about the safety of a COVID-19 vaccine

With global cases of COVID-19 topping 32 million this week and the disease having so far claimed more than 984,000 lives, the urgency of producing a vaccine has never been clearer. Yet in the United States, where vaccine skepticism has long been brewing, the Trump administration’s rush to secure an effective vaccine, dubbed Operation Warp […]

How to bleed radiators – step-by-step guide to keep your home warm

IF YOUR central heating isn't warming your home properly, it could be because there are air bubbles in the system, meaning you need to bleed your radiator. Yet, surprisingly, it's been found that less than half of millennials don't know how to perform this basic household task. If you're one of them, listen up…   […]

How Jamal Murray ended up in ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Rosebud motel

The Canadian television sitcom “Schitt’s Creek” swept the Emmy Awards last Sunday, becoming the first show ever to win all four acting awards and Outstanding Comedy Series in the same year. Meanwhile, a former resident of the famed Rosebud Motel around which the popular series revolves was playing Sunday in the Western Conference Finals. Denver […]

How Billie Lourd honored Carrie Fisher with her baby’s name

Congratulations are in order for Billie Lourd and her fiance of just a few months, fellow actor and producer, Austen Rydell. The couple announced the birth of their son on Instagram Thursday night, and fans of the Booksmart actress and her late, great mom, Carrie Fisher, are bursting with tidings over the news (via People […]

How Lucille Ball helped Alex Trebek get his job on Jeopardy!

It’s hard to think of many people more universally beloved than Alex Trebek. Save maybe an unimpressed Sean Connery impersonator here and there, Trebek has worked his way into the hearts of most television viewers ever since our modern iteration of Jeopardy! premiered in 1984. Day in and day out, Trebek has been a comforting fixture on TV screens across […]

Experts Weigh In On How To (Safely) Make The Most Of Outdoor Workouts

With more people exercising outdoors, and without the supervision of a personal trainer or gym personnel, it’s important to understand the risks that come with outdoor workouts. I’m not just talking coronavirus risks, but also heat and safety risks. While exercising outside saves money in the long run, it presents many health challenges that, if […]