Hundreds of Nordstrom Shoppers Give This Dress Five Stars

There is nothing better than finding a well-fitting dress that can be worn to more than one occasion. Surely, everyone can agree. Instead of spending hours finding the perfect dress for a wedding, brunch or even the office, why not just find one for multiple occasions? Truth be told, it’s a hard task to find […]

Hundreds of Reviewers Say This Is the Best Jumpsuit Ever

What’s the most error-proof one-piece option that we can have in our closet? A jumpsuit, of course! It goes without saying that a jumpsuit is an undeniable must-have in any closet. When styled appropriately, it can be worn a dozen different ways and look brand new with each and every wear. Whether we’re short on […]

This Top Has Hundreds of Glowing Reviews and We Want Every Color

Classic dress shirts give us a specific kind of confidence. It’s one that assures us that we’re not underdressed, that the rest of our outfit is bound to match and that people are going to take us more seriously. It’s great to have this kind of confidence, of course. But why should we stop there? […]

The French beach where hundreds of Garfield phones wash up every year

The beach where hundreds of Garfield phones wash up every year: Novelty items from the 1980s pollute French shore – and demonstrate the dangers of plastic pollution Bright orange devices have washed up in Brittany in north-western France Home telephones may have fallen off container ship on way from US in 1980s Despite being 30 […]

Hundreds of nanny state staff earn more than £100,000

Hundreds of nanny state staff earn more than £100,000: Surge in workers in quangos pushing public health messages getting fat-cat salaries Britain’s ten best-paid public health employees all receive at least £200,000 Public Health England this week urged Britons to slash Christmas meal size PHE has 241 staff earning more than £100,000 – an increase […]

At least 40 killed, hundreds injured after tsunami hits Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia – A tsunami apparently caused by undersea landslides from a volcanic island killed at least 43 people after the waves hit the coast around Indonesia’s Sunda Strait, the government reported. Another 600 people were hurt and dozens of buildings damaged Saturday night, the National Disaster Management Agency said. The Meteorology and Geophysics agency […]