Ghost hunters capture spooky figure of 'floating lady in white'

Ghost hunters capture spooky figure of ‘floating lady in white’ in graveyard they believe is spirit of tragic merchant’s wife who hanged herself in 1844 A ‘floating lady in white’ was seen on camera in a Victorian cemetery in Sheffield  Ghost hunters believe it is spirit of Katherine Parker who died by suicide in 1844  A viewer […]

Paedophile hunters confront chef who thought he was meeting teen

Moment paedophile hunters confronted trainee chef, 24, after he posted sexually explicit messages to undercover investigator posing as 13-year-old girl on Facebook Joe Davitt thought he was exchanging explicit messages with a 13-year-old girl  Instead, the trainee chef was talking to a Catching Online Predators investigator Davitt sent pictures and a video of his private […]

'Ghost Hunters' Spinoff is a 'Train Wreck' According to Fans

The reality TV show Ghost Hunters brought paranormal investigation into the mainstream. The hunters on the show showed off some high tech ways of discovering the sources of strange happenings. Their scientific methods had even skeptics believing that something is out there.  Since the original was such a hit, Ghost Nation, which features most of the same hunters, […]