I imagine my girl thinking: does Mum love her patients more than me?

‘I imagine my little girl thinking: does Mum love her patients more than me?’ Doctor and bestselling author reveals maelstrom of guilt and devotion juggling a young family with working on the Covid front line Dr Rachel Clarke works at Horton Hospital in Banbury, Oxfordshire, on frontline  She lives with her husband, Dave, and her two […]

Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman Is Headed for the Super Bowl

Amanda Gorman, a youth poet laureate and the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history, has been recruited to recite an original piece that honors the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic at next week’s Super Bowl LV. Her performance, which was announced via Good Morning America early on Wednesday, will preface kickoff on February 7. The […]

North Korea 'is testing its own coronavirus vaccine'

North Korea ‘is testing its own coronavirus vaccine using data it hacked from foreign scientists’ despite claiming to have no infections Scientists are said to be testing a vaccine on people with Covid-like symptoms Kim Jong-un’s ruling party is thought to have established a specialist bureau  North Korea has long been suspected of cyber-attacks on […]

Where can I buy an N95 face mask?

WEARING a mask slashes the risk of passing on Covid to close contacts three-fold, experts claim. President Joe Biden has issued an executive order implementing a 100 Days Masking Challenge for American politicians to encourage stricter state-level Covid-19 measures. Where can I buy n95 surgical face masks? Masks help to curb the spread of coronavirus […]