Five people injured after BMW driver slams into MTA bus

Five people were injured after the driver of a BMW slammed into the back of a stationary MTA bus in Staten Island on Monday night, police said. The 21-year-old male driver of the sedan crashed into a SIM4 bus that was stopped at red light on Richmond Avenue and Yukon Avenue at about 9:40 p.m., […]

Six people injured after pedestrian bridge collapses in Washington DC

Six people are injured after 14-foot-high pedestrian bridge collapses onto truck and causes multi-car collision on Washington DC highway The bridge collapsed across all three lanes of the I-295 in Northeast Washington, DC at about 12.00pm on Wednesday  Five people were rushed to hospital, while one other was treated at the scene The truck caught […]

Actress 'injured while performing rooftop parkour stunt' sues

Actress ‘injured while performing rooftop parkour stunt for TV ad while wearing Zara shoes’ sues for £200,000 Amelie Leroy, 39, slipped while filming an advert for a roof tile company in 2017  She claims she suffered life-changing knee injuries and is suing Band Films Ltd  Ms Leroy alleges the director insisted she performed stunt in […]