Why are Aussies investing in ETFs (and what are they)?

Record low interest rates are driving a radical shift in the way Australians save and invest their money. With money stashed in the bank earning only about 1 per cent – if you’re lucky – many are turning to the sharemarket, in hopes of higher returns. About a million Aussies dipped their toe into the […]

Jay-Z Investing In "The Most Advanced (Vegan) Chicken Nugget On The Planet”

The world is changing, and many consumers are moving away from meat-based products. Faux-meat has peaked the interest of many shoppers that are looking for a healthier, cruelty-free, more sustainable way of eating. There’s a huge spike in the interest of faux-meat products in the investment sector, as high-powered moguls recognize the powerful effects that […]

Don’t Sleep on Investing on These 10 Companies

There’s no doubt that certain segments of the stock market have a little more pizzazz than others. When stocks like GameStop can go up 400% or more in a single week, those are the names that draw most of the headlines in the financial press. However, that doesn’t mean that other sectors of the market […]

Spare change apps might be the savings hack you've been looking for

Investing can certainly be a daunting experience. Whether you are saving for a home, for your retirement, or just want to grow your hard-earned money, it’s tough to know where to start. Well, there’s something fairly new that investors are calling “spare change” or “fractional” investments, where you can contribute just a few dollars a […]