French diplomats say it is impossible to work with Boris Johnson

French ‘can’t deal with Boris’: Diplomats believe PM ‘is populist who won’t keep his word if it will cost him at home and will keep ramping up Northern Ireland demands until they’re impossible’ Senior French politicians say it is impossible to make agreements with Britain They say Boris Johnson is guided only by short-term populist […]

What is the new Hooters uniform?

HOOTERS is an American bar and grillthat describes itself "delightfully tacky, yet unrefined." On October 15, 2021, it was reported that Hooters waitresses were lashing back at their new uniform standards. What is the new Hooters uniform? Hooters is a restaurant chain who are known for their "Hooters Girls:" waitresses who wear low cut tops […]

What is OxyContin?

THE OPIOID epidemic never went away, and a new Hulu series is showing viewers why. The new Hulu series Dopesick is taking a magnifying glass to the opioid pandemic that has affected many in the United States. Is OxyContin dangerous? Purdue Pharma is the maker of OxyContin, a painkiller. The New York Times published information […]

Robert Durst, 78,is jailed for life for execution of best friend

Robert Durst, 78,is jailed for life for 2000 execution of best friend Susan Berman who he shot in the head so she couldn’t reveal what happened to his missing wife Kathie – as NY prosecutors prepare to bring charges over her 1982 disappearance Durst was sentenced at a court in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon […]

Losing one cabinet minister is unfortunate, but seven is just careless

As we approach the 12-month starter’s gun to the state election, you would expect the opposition to take every opportunity to frame Daniel Andrews as a spent political force. With that in mind, it came as no surprise that the Coalition desperately tried to link the Premier to allegations aired during a hearing by the […]

Waterstones is blasted for 'selectively censoring' books on feminism

Waterstones is blasted for ‘selectively censoring’ books about feminism after author Julie Bindel and trans row professor both hit out at store for not prominently displaying their work Julie Bindel and Professor Kathleen Stock said their books were out of view One reader said the decision by Waterstones was akin to ‘selective censoring’ Waterstones has […]