Brad Parscale's wife is pictured after fleeing and screaming for help

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I think my husband just killed himself’: Moment bruised wife of ex-Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale flees their home in bikini and tells cops he fired a gun – before police body cam footage shows SWAT officer tackling him to the ground Brad Parscale was hospitalized after he reportedly threatened to harm himself at […]

Is Harold Shipman still alive? – The Sun

HAROLD Shipman was a former GP who is thought to be the most prolific serial in recorded history. Harold Shipman murdered an estimated 260 of his patients. Is Harold Shipman still alive? Harold Shipman committed suicide in prison in 2004 after being handed 15 life sentences. Prison records obtained by the Sun on Sunday show […]

Blake Shelton Is Trying to Lose Weight After Joking About Gaining ‘117 Pounds’

Taking action! Blake Shelton is working on his fitness after admitting to packing on some weight during quarantine. Celebrities’ Biggest Weight Loss Transformations: Before and After Pics The “God’s Country” crooner, 44, opened up about the changes he’s seen in his overall appearance while bunkered down with longtime girlfriend Gwen Stefani. He began by noting how […]

Woman is seen having a profanity-filled meltdown on flight to Detroit

Woman’s ‘demonic’ meltdown on Detroit flight gets compared to the Exorcist as she climbs the cabin while swearing profusely Video footage shows a woman climbing onto the plane seats during a flight Passengers and cabin crew on the Detroit-bound plane are seen detaining her They move the distressed passenger toward the front of the aircraft […]

Who is Rebel Wilson's billionaire boyfriend Jacob Busch?

PITCH Perfect star Rebel Wilson has recently made her relationship with billionaire boyfriend Jacob Busch public. Rebel, 40, and Jacob, 29, locked eyes and started dating after they were introduced by a friend last year, according to reports. Who is Rebel Wilson's boyfriend Jacob Busch? Jacob Busch is an American businessman and an heir to the […]

Chinese Zodiac Signs: What is a Metal Dragon and what year is it?

IT'S often hailed as the "mightiest" of the Chinese zodiac signs, but do your character traits match up to the myths around the Dragon? With personality attributes including confidence, charisma and extreme talent, there appear to be major advantages to being born in the year of the Dragon. The Chinese zodiac splits everyone up into […]

Chinese Zodiac Signs: What is a Metal Rat and what year is it?

WHEN it comes to horoscopes, you either love them or hate them – but what happens when it comes to your Chinese zodiac sign? With 12 animals, and five elements, everyone on Earth is said to fall into a specific category which claims to tell them more about their personality and characteristics. Repeating every 12 […]

Is cauliflower cheese the new avocado toast?

Is cauliflower cheese on TOAST the next must-try food trend? Social media users go wild over the hearty snack (and even Nigella Lawson’s a fan!) Nigella Lawson has shared a Twitter user’s recipe for cauliflower cheese on toast Fans said it looked ‘delicious’ and the idea was ‘genius’ ‘amazing’ and ‘brilliant’  Instagram users have also […]