James Pond! Moment scrapman turns Land Rover into a '007 submarine'

James Pond! Moment scrapman turns Land Rover into a ‘007 submarine’ and drives it underwater (but he has to hold his breath) Nathan Gibbons, 34, drives Range Rover into a pond in Mansfield, Nottingham Plunges car into the 8ft-deep pond for 15 seconds before emerging on other side He leaves only the duct-taped engine ‘snorkel’ at […]

LeBron James Becomes First NBA Player To Earn $1 Billion

Everyone knows the professional members of practically any sport are racking the dough. While many of them go one to follow lives of affluence during and after their sports career, very few reach the status of billionaire like their coach counterparts. Today, LeBron James made history as the first NBA player to make $1 billion. […]

Why James Gandolfini Was Reportedly Paid Not To Take A Role On The Office

After Steve Carell’s departure in 2011 from playing Michael Scott on NBC’s sitcom “The Office,” the network went out to find a replacement actor to play the next branch manager of Dunder Mifflin. And during the July 11 episode of the “Talking Sopranos” podcast, the hosts and former cast members of HBO’s “The Sopranos,” Michael […]

James Gandolfinis Net Worth: How Much Was The Actor Worth When He Died?

Although many people know him as Tony Soprano, the boorish buffoon and Italian stereotype on “The Sopranos,” the real James Gandolfini was a quiet, gentle man who couldn’t have been more different from his most infamous character.  Edie Falco, who played his wife Carmela Soprano, shared as much in an interview with NPR. “He’s the […]