US First Lady Jill Biden gives PM's son Wilfred a book called Joey

US First Lady Jill Biden gives Boris Johnson’s son Wilfred a book called Joey – which she wrote about her husband’s childhood… and yes, that’s a young Joe Biden on the cover riding a bike America’s First Lady Jill Biden gave the Prime Minister’s son Wilfred a copy of the book she wrote about her husband’s […]

Here’s What Happened When Jill Biden Met Kate Middleton

They may be several decades apart in age, but First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, share an interest in educational development: the Duchess through her early childhood program, and the First Lady, as an English professor at the Northern Virginia Community College (via Insider).  So it was fitting that […]

Jill Biden Makes A Statement With Her Latest Fashion Choice

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have embarked on their first trip abroad to take part in the G7 Summit, which includes the U.K., U.S., Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, and representatives of the EU (per CNN). Along the way, they will be stopping in England to meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson […]

Jill Biden meets Kate Middleton for first time as they tour UK school

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Jill Biden says it was 'wonderful' to spend time with Carrie

‘The special relationship continues’: Jill Biden says it was ‘wonderful’ to spend time with Carrie and Wilfred after they shared a barefoot walk on Cornish beach at G7 summit US First Lady, 70, seemed natural counterpart to the 33-year-old mother of one, as they went on a beach walk  Mrs Biden tweeted: ‘It was wonderful […]

Jill Duggar defends feeding her dog breast milk

More On: jill duggar Duggar sisters react to brother Josh’s ‘very sad’ arrest on child porn charges Jill Duggar is ‘not on the best terms’ with some family members Jill Duggar edits Kama Sutra post after religious backlash Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard celebrate anniversary with new Kama Sutra book Jill Duggar got ahead of […]

Jill Duggar: Stressing About Josh Is Ruining My Life!

Long before Josh Duggar got arrested on child pornography charges, Jill Duggar cut ties with the family that raised her to accept abuse from men, and to feel guilt and shame any time she received unwanted attention. And we’re sure the events of the past month only confirmed to Jill that she made the right […]

Jill Duggar Throws MAJOR SHADE at Parents Amid Josh Duggar Sex Scandal

Over the past few weeks, many fans of the Duggars have turned their backs on the once-beloved family. And of course, they were completely right to do so: Eldest son Josh Duggar was recently arrested on child pornography charges, and it looks as though the longtime predator might finally be brought to justice. That’s enough […]