Joe Arpaio loses Arizona primary to win back county sheriff job

Joe Arpaio narrowly lost his Republican primary bid to reclaim his old job as sheriff of Maricopa County. The fiery anti-immigrant hardliner and ardent President Trump supporter was defeated by his former chief of staff and fellow conservative, Jerry Sheridan. Sheridan will now face the Democratic Sheriff Paul Penzone in the November general election. Penzone […]

Joe Biden’s perilous veep-pick balancing act

If the presidential-nominating process is the weakest part of our political system, the vice-presidential selection process comes solidly in second place. Some might even argue it’s a contender for the top spot. That’s been particularly the case in the two most recent election cycles. The 2016 election saw Republican and Democratic nominees ages 70 and […]

Joe Biden delays VP announcement another week

He’s Biden his time. Joe Biden is not expected to pick a running mate until at least Aug. 10. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee had previously said he expected to name someone to the job by the first of the month. The late in the game decision will put the announcement just one week before […]

Joe Judge is the Giants’ man with multiple plans

Joe Judge is A Man With A Plan. A Plandemic, as it were. He brings to his first NFL head coaching job a precocious Belichickian unflappability, thoroughness and leadership that requires a plan for the possibility of him testing positive, for Daniel Jones testing positive, for Saquon Barkley testing positive, for Next Man Up anywhere […]

Dodgers' Joe Kelly's suspension leads to intense reaction on social media

John Smoltz says abbreviated MLB season will be the most unique and memorable ever FOX MLB analyst and Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz joins ‘Fox & Friends’ with a preview of the intense shortened season. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly was suspended for eight games Wednesday for throwing at and mocking Houston Astros […]

Joe Giudice Openly Thirsts After Teresa: Take Me Back, Babe!

Joe Giudice is waiting eagerly to have a reunion with his daughters some time soon. In the mean time, he is not being shy at all about thirsting after his ex, Teresa. Divorce doesn’t mean that you’re not thirsty. Like a number of celebrities, Teresa Giudice posted a black and white photo of herself. “Challenge […]