Two men kicked off plane for fighting over elbow placement on armrests

Fight or flight! Two passengers are thrown off United plane after becoming embroiled in a ‘physical altercation’ over who got to put their elbows on the ARMREST United flight was rerouted back to San Francisco shortly after takeoff Two male passengers were removed from the plane by police; neither suffered serious injury  Airlines are reporting […]

Maori MP kicked out of New Zealand's parliament for performing a haka

Maori lawmaker is kicked out of New Zealand’s parliament for performing a haka – three months after he was expelled for refusing to wear a tie Maori Party MP Rawiri Waititi kicked out of parliament during debate on healthcare system for indigenous New Zealanders  Waititi accused opposition of inciting racism, but was told to sit […]

Kate Haralson kicked off Raya after calling out Matthew Perry

More On: matthew perry Chrissy Teigen calls out Ben Affleck, Matthew Perry’s ‘creepy’ videos TikTok user who matched with Matthew Perry on Raya at age 19 speaks out Matthew Perry post-and-deletes BTS photo of ‘Friends’ reunion Insiders: Newly reunited ‘Friends’ cast ‘closed ranks’ during tragedy The first rule of Raya is you do not talk […]

Mother kicked out of Facebook group after revealing she was an amputee

Amputee mother tells This Morning she was kicked out of a Facebook group by another mum who said they couldn’t ‘babysit’ or ‘be seen with her’ when she revealed she uses a mobility scooter ahead of a trip to the park Poppy, Cambridge, says she was ostracised online after revealing her disability She had joined Facebook […]

Teens who 'kicked a 16-year-old boy to death' go on trial in Finland

Three teenagers who ‘kicked a 16-year-old boy to death after bullying him for weeks’ go on trial for murder in case that has shocked Finland The three teenagers in Finland allegedly beat up a 16-year-old boy for four hours The victim died of brain injuries and a punctured lung caused by broken ribs He was […]