Mark Schlereth Went From NFL Lineman to Acting in a Soap Opera

During his career in the National Football League, Mark Schlereth did not have a glamorous role. He played on some of the greatest offensive lines of all time with the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos. Though he was used to not making headlines as an unheralded lineman, he’s gotten several opportunities to shine following his […]

Slain Bronx hoopster’s last words revealed: ‘Call my mom’

The innocent Bronx basketball phenom gunned down Sunday night used his dying breaths to ask a friend to “call my mom,” one of his teammates told The Post Monday. Brandon Hendricks, 17, was at a birthday party in Morris Heights with friends when shots rang out, pal Hammad Singleton said as he described his friend’s […]

Giants gifting Andrew Thomas left tackle job would be mistake

Make him earn it. By all means, provide Andrew Thomas immediate access to compete for a starting job as a rookie. Anything short of Thomas lining up with the first team for the Giants on opening day will be a disappointment for the first-round pick. Get Thomas ready to play, the sooner, the better, preferably […]

Father Ted co-creator Graham Linehan suspended from Twitter

Graham Linehan has been suspended from Twitter. Last week, the Father Ted co-creator briefly lost his blue tick verification after several of his tweets accusing an LGBTQ+ group of grooming were reported; however, he later regained his verification and a Twitter spokesperson said he had been unverified in error. But now, Linehan’s @glinner account appears […]