Fresh flowers that last a whole year? Blooming miracle bouquets

Fresh flowers that last a whole year? It sounds impossible, but one firm has pioneered… Blooming miracle bouquets Erni Visser, 34, and Kathryn Popplestone, 36, are founders of Ethereal Blooms Florists sell long-life flowers that last 12 months — or two years at a push Business has grown 400 per cent year-on-year, with global, high-end clientele  The […]

Last messages sent from Hitler's bunker revealed 76 years later

The last messages from Hitler’s bunker: Telegram from Martin Bormann telling his family ‘things are screwed here, chief will remain here no matter what’ is revealed 76 years after French soldier took it as souvenir Documents revealed in new book by historians Xavier Aiolfi and Paul Villatoux   French soldier Captain Michel Leroy held onto them […]

Britain will enjoy one last blast of sunshine with 63F heat

Autumn is still on hold! Britain will enjoy one last blast of sunshine with unseasonably warm 63F heat – before temperatures plunge by the weekend and rain moves in Southern England is set to enjoy temperatures of up to 63F (18 °C) from today until the end of the weekend Forecasters suggest we will see […]

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: Last cuddle for a jungle queen

Last cuddle for a jungle queen: Gorilla whose ‘selfie’ delighted the world died in the arms of the ranger who risked his life to protect her. Now read their story of love, loss and precious legacy, by CHRISTOPHER STEVENS The night that Andre Bauma found Ndakasi 14 years ago, he saved her from certain death […]

This really should be the last blanket school lockdown

For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. In June, Victorian Children’s Commissioner Liana Buchanan told our social affairs editor, Jewel Topsfield, that “what children tell us … is not going to school really increases their isolation, it increases their anxiety, for many it leaves them feeling completely disconnected from education … If we […]