A Daniel Jones Year 2 leap would energize the Giants

There is no Eli Manning now in front of him on the depth chart, no Eli Manning in the quarterback room, no Eli Manning in the socially distanced locker room, no awkward Eli Manning questions for Daniel Jones to answer. But because icons leave giant footsteps to fill when they retire, there will be Eli […]

Parents leap to defence of star head teacher who was suspended

Parents leap to defence of star head teacher who was suspended for saying some lazy teachers were ‘sat at home doing nothing during lockdown’ – amid fears standards will drop without her at the helm Pauline Wood blasted some teachers for not pulling their weight amid lockdown  Primary school head teacher is under investigation for […]

NYPD cops leap out of van and beat protester on bike

Horrific video shows four NYPD officers pounce and beat on a cyclist who was doing a solidarity ride for protesters and going slowly in front of their police van Pierce McCaffrey had been participating in a solidarity ride during protests along Nassau Street near Gold Street on Sunday at around 7.40pm  Footage shows a pack […]

Leap Day 2020: Surprise, It’s Leap Year (and Not March Yet)!

It’s the 29th of February, a very special day that literally comes along only once every U.S. Presidential election cycle. Happy Leap Day to all! Today’s the day every four years that we tack on an extra day to even up the whole earth rotating around the sun thing.  Probably. We think. At least that’s […]

What Leap Day Means For You, Astrologically

This is a Leap Year, and the stars above are wilding out… which means this February 29th is loaded with meaning. As you probably know, February 29th occurs once every four years and was originally added as a corrective measure. The Sun doesn’t take *exactly* 365 days to orbit the Earth, so this extra day […]

Residents leap from burning 25-story apartment building in LA

Desperate LA residents LEAP from burning 25-story apartment block as firefighters lay giant inflatable cushions Blaze was reported shortly after 8.30am at 11740 West Wilshire Boulevard Unknown number of residents jumped from around the sixth floor, LAFD said Multiple medical evacs were carried out by helicopter from building’s roof Building is the same one where a […]

Care home costs leap to £34,000 a year, new figures reveal

Care home costs leap to £34,000 a year in the biggest jump for nearly a decade, new figures reveal The price of a place for elderly in England rose by 4.7% in the year to last March   It is the greatest increase since 2010, more than three times the inflation level  Figures show average weekly […]