Dua Lipa 'suprised and horrified' by DaBaby 'homophobic' comments

Dua Lipa has spoken out after rapper DaBaby came under fire for comments he made during Rolling Loud, claiming people with HIV and Aids ‘die after two, three weeks’. He also made remarks which many have slated as ‘homophobic’ as in a video circulating on social media, he addressed men who ‘aren’t sucking d**k in […]

I lost touch with the gay scene but now I can't wait to go back

The first time I went out on the gay scene, I was 17 and had spent years trying to suppress my attraction to other men. But I couldn’t do that any longer. I caught the train to Manchester from my hometown of Bolton, accompanied by a female friend – one of the few I’d entrusted with my […]

Non-binary stars explain how TV can do better

Representation of non-binary people on television is *very* slowly getting better thanks to a small selection of television shows. But my God there’s still a load of work to be done. Trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people have existed since the dawn of time but shamefully have rarely been seen on television screens. There’s no […]

How to be a (real) ally to the LGBTQ+ community

Written by Emma Goswell and Sam Walker It’s good to remember that not everyone in the world is straight, cis-gendered or even gender binary. Here, the authors of Coming Out Stories, Emma Goswell and Sam Walker outline some simple ways we can all be better allies to the LGBTQ+ community today and every day.  Assume […]

Trans woman blinded in accident has never seen post-transition reflection

Sarah Stephenson-Hunter, 49, has never seen her post-transition reflection. The disability campaigner suffered cataracts as a child and grew up visually impaired, until a freak accident caused her to lose her sight entirely in 2012. She started her transition one year later, while still adjusting to her new blind status. She told Metro.co.uk the combined […]

Indonesian LGBT+ magazines find a second life online

More On: lgbtq Transgender treatment ban fails in Alabama Legislature Bucknell University investigates attack on LGBTQ house Finest not welcome: Cops banned from participating in NYC Pride events Gay Iranian man dead in alleged ‘honor killing,’ rights group says JAKARTA, May 19 – Two men embracing on a magazine cover was more than risqué for […]

After going ‘free of LGBT,’ a Polish town pays a price

Krasnik, Poland: When local councilors adopted a resolution two years ago declaring their small town in south-eastern Poland “free of LGBT,” the mayor didn’t see much harm in what appeared to be a symbolic and legally pointless gesture. Today, he’s scrambling to contain the damage. Cezary Nieradko, in his new home of Lublin, Poland after […]