Listen To This: Need A…

Don’t you ever have those days when you need a minute? That feels like most of 2020! Parson James‘ Minute came out a minute ago but it’s really resonating with us and all I’ve been going through now. This is soulful pop! Reminds us of Emeli Sandé! This will make your ears and heart happy! Check […]

Listen To This: You Know The Feeling!

We’ve been fans of Christine and the Queens for many years and this is one of the best songs she’s ever released!! People, I’ve been sad is like a brand new Kate Bush song! Modern! Dramatic! Romantic! Emotional! This is so fabulous!!!!! Check it out above! Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from […]

Listen To This: A Goddess!

Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell has allegedly changed his legal name to Drake Campana, bell in Spanish. He’s also living in Mexico, allegedly. AND he’s also recording in Spanish! And it’s really good! And his accent is spot-on! Diosa is wonderful Spanish-language pop! Check it out above! Then CLICK HERE to  listen to more music […]

Listen To This: Something In The Air!

This song came out ago but we’d never shared. It’s been in our very very very long queue. Autograf featuring Lis‘ You Might Be is a satisfying dance song. Sometimes you just want something that feels familiar and good, like this or like hooking up with a regular eff buddy that you have no desire to be […]

Listen To This: Positions!

Just like there are many White male rappers, there are now many many White girls doing R&B. Thank you, Ariana Grande! Lila Drew‘s take it back – spelled that way, just like Ariana does – will take you back to the late ’70s/early ’90s. Sultry vocals. Sexy song. Check it out above! Then CLICK HERE to listen […]

Listen To This: Got You Shook!

This has Jack Antonoff written all over it! Power pop done cool! Patrick Martin‘s Stranger Nights is a gem of a song that seems to have been ignored by the masses – and that’s such a shame. This is the kind of song that makes you want to bounce and twirl and sing along! So well-crafted! […]

Listen To This: They Do Good Things!

It’s been so beautiful to watch Aly & AJ‘s musical journey! The former Disney duo have grown up and so have their songs! The are releasing very sophisticated pop and we can’t get enough! Church is like Carly Rae Jepsen after ten martinis – neat! Check it out above! Then CLICK HERE to listen to […]