Loki Director Kate Herron Explains the Missing Scenes from Season 1

Eagle-eyed Loki fans may well have noticed that there are some scenes in the trailers that were released but were missing in the series itself. Often there are small snippets of filming that don’t quite make the cut, and while essentially that’s what happened here, there is an explanation for it. The Marvel Disney+ show […]

Loki<\/em> Episode 6 Included a Multiverse of Easter Eggs

Warning: Spoilers follow for episode six of Loki, “For All Time. Always.” The Loki season finale may have given us some answers—we now know the identity of the man behind the curtain at the TVA—but it also left us with plenty of questions. A new video on the Emergency Awesome channel breaks down the convoluted […]

'Loki' Episode 5: Did Classic Loki Actually Die?

Fans have lots of questions after Loki Episode 5. Namely, did Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki really die? The character is famous for escaping death after all, and the Loki variants are no different in that regard. And Grant’s character was clearly the most powerful sorcerer of them all. So, was his death final? [Spoiler […]

The Thanos Copter in Loki<\/em> Episode 5 Is a Total Troll

In episode 5 of Loki, we journeyed to the temporal island of misfit easter eggs—a space somehow both on the timeline and not on the timeline, accessible by time transport in only one direction but not the other, and housing so many troublesome deviations that it was somehow easier to banish them here instead of […]