Lord Frost warns EU Northern Ireland row could hit medical supplies

Lord Frost warns that row with EU over Northern Ireland could lead to increased shortages of vital medical supplies in the country unless a solution is found soon Medicine shortages in Northern Ireland could get worse if the UK’s post-Brexit row with the EU is not solved soon, a senior minister warned today. Lord Frost […]

Fans accuse Lord of the Rings writer society of political correctness

Tolkien things too far? Fans accuse Lord of the Rings writer society of political correctness over seminars including ‘A Brief Introduction to Transgender Realities’ and ‘Dwarf-Women and the Feminine Lack’ JRR Tolkien fans are being asked to review issues of race and gender in his books Enthusiasts have claimed the seminars will warp and distort Tolkien’s […]

Lord Mayor of Belfast, 33, forced to disable messaging

Belfast’s new lord mayor, 33, says she was forced to block strangers from contacting her on social media after an onslaught of ‘disturbing’ and ‘sexually explicit’ messages Alliance Party councillor Kate Nicholl forced to disable parts of her social media  She says more should be done to ‘normalise’ high-powered women in politics Balmoral representative was […]

Lord Frost demands EU shows more 'common sense' over Northern Ireland

Lord Frost demands EU shows more ‘common sense’ over Northern Ireland as he warns Brexit protocol is ‘not sustainable’ unless Brussels agrees to tone down checks Lord Frost has demanded ‘common sense’ from the EU over Northern Ireland Brexit minister warned the protocol is not ‘sustainable’ unless changes are made Negotiations ongoing with the EU […]