And after lunch… it's maths with granny

And after lunch… it’s maths with granny: As parents buckle under the strain, heartwarming tales of the new homeschooling heroes… Millions of parents across the UK have struggled with homeschooling their kids  7 out of 10 working mothers were refused furlough for childcare reasons  But in a growing number of families, grandparents are coming to […]

Twitter Has Bad News For The MyPillow Guy – The List

If you’ve had a working TV the past several years, it’s pretty likely you’re familiar with the “MyPillow Guy.” The ads, as ridiculous as they undeniably were, seemed to take the place of the long-lambasted but much-loved ads for OxyClean featuring Billy Mays. Both ads featured an overly-zealous middle-aged man virtually yelling at viewers about the amazingness that was […]

Is Ohio teacher Laura Dunker married?

A HIGH school teacher will serve two years in prison after being found guilty of having sexual relations with two of her students. She was charged with six counts of sexual battery and one count of tampering with evidence in 2019. Is Laura Dunker married? Laura Dunker, 30, was a married high school teacher at […]