Faith column: Belief may well be its own reward

My favourite modern parable is drawn from a brief exchange in Michelle De Kretser’s novel The Lost Dog. I have been telling this story for years now, and on re-reading the passage recently I see that I have misremembered nearly all its key details; but not its core truth. In my rendering, a father and […]

EXCLUSIVE: Clubs may turn their back on the FA Cup

Clubs may turn their back on the FA Cup due to rising Covid-19 infections as FIVE teams withdraw from first qualifying round with teams whose opponents are unable to play set to be given byes There are growing concerns about the viability of this season’s FA Cup  There are fears of mass postponements due to […]

The story of O: Blood type may lower your chances of catching COVID

Emerging evidence suggests the 49 per cent of Australians with O-type blood may be slightly less at risk of COVID-19 infection than the rest of the population. Multiple studies, including a huge new 1.05 million-person paper from gene screening company 23andMe, and research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, have reached the same […]

Missing Russian ballerina may have been dismembered, dissolved in acid

A ballerina from the world-famous Bolshoi Theatre who disappeared six years ago may have been chopped up and dissolved in sulfuric acid by a man who had sexually compromising images of her, according to reports. Russian investigators are reportedly pursuing a new lead in the case of 25-year-old Olga Demina, 25, who went missing in […]

We may never see Tiger Woods play in New York again

Take a close look at Tiger Woods this week at Winged Foot. Enjoy him while he’s here, because this week’s U.S. Open may be one of the last times Woods plays a tournament in the New York metro area. There won’t be another U.S. Open here until 2026, when Shinnecock Hills hosts again, and Woods […]

Microsoft may have sabotaged TikTok deal by upsetting owner

Microsoft may have unintentionally sabotaged its TikTok deal by upsetting owner when it called the app ‘a security risk it could fix’ TikTok backed out of talks to sell its US operations to software giant Microsoft  China and Beijing-based investors pressured ByteDance not to sell  ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming was upset by comments from Microsoft […]

60,000 more people may have had COVID-19 than detected: study

Research by some of the nation's most senior scientists has found that more than 60,000 cases of coronavirus in Australia could have gone undetected, potentially adding to calls to ease restrictions sooner. The federal government-funded study by a team of researchers including Australia's Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Nick Coatsworth, estimates that by July – […]

Why poop tests may be a better way to detect COVID-19

COVID-19 may persist in the gut even after the virus has been cleared from the airways — suggesting that fecal matter could be a better way to detect the virus than traditional nose swabs, according to a new study. The study, which was published in the medical journal GUT, said the virus may continue to […]