Prince William and Kate Middleton appoint Zeinab Badawi as director

Prince William and Kate Middleton hire BBC broadcaster Zeinab Badawi as a director of the Royal Foundation after the Duke’s former private secretary steps down as a trustee Prince William and Kate Middleton, both 38, have hired new director for charity  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appointed  Zeinab Badawi for Royal Foundation The Sudanese-British broadcaster, 61, […]

Prestigious NYC middle school rocked by teacher sex-assault claims

Parents at the prestigious Salk School of Science middle school in Gramercy Park are in an uproar after two former students alleged online that an unnamed teacher there had sexually assaulted them. The accusations were posted anonymously on Instagram last month, and since then have gone viral among parents at the small, well-ranked school for […]

Middle Eastern website says Newcastle is a worse city than Yemen

Middle Eastern website describes Newcastle as a ‘remote tribal community’ worse than Yemen and says Geordies have a ‘well-documented penchant for violence’, as Saudi prince launches takeover of the city’s football team A Middle Eastern website published an opinion piece criticising Newcastle The article described the city as ‘remote’ and ‘tribal’ with ‘volatile’ residents Saudi […]

Keeping middle seat empty on planes may HALVE risk of Covid-19 spread

Keeping the middle seat empty on airplanes may HALVE the risk of Covid-19 spreading, statistician claims Professor Arnold Barnett is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Risk of catching the virus for a passenger on a packed aircraft was one in 7,000 But the odds drop to one in 14,000 under the ‘middle seat empty’ […]