Mum diagnosed with cervical cancer after three CLEAR smear tests

Mum-of-three Donna Bradbury had never missed a smear test – and her results were always clear. So when the 37-year-old started passing clots when she went to the loo, and her GP told her it was an infection and prescribed her antibiotics, she didn’t even suspect it could be cancer. A month later, in July […]

Mum saw fear in daughter’s eyes as partner came on phone, court told

A woman killed in her home, allegedly by her partner, was accused by another man of trying to extort money over a rape claim, a court has heard. Ricardo Barbaro is accused of murdering Ellie Price and during a hearing that will determine whether he stands trial, the woman’s mother told Melbourne Magistrates Court she […]

Mum describes heartache after baby's death at 12-days-old

Devastated mum who had such a strong feeling that ‘something was wrong’ during her pregnancy that she didn’t hold a baby shower shares her pain after her son Noah died at just 12 days old A heartbroken mum has revealed the moment she knew her newborn would die Amy Trojer, 31, said she felt something […]