Getting My Ass Kicked in Jiu-Jitsu Helped My Mental Health

Most days, I’d be packing up my gi and getting ready for the advanced jiu-jitsu class. But COVID-19 being COVID-19, the dojo, along with everything else in Brooklyn, is closed. The roll gates are down and the chalkboard, bearing inspirational slogans, is folded up inside. And so I sit at home, watching old matches on […]

Peter Weber: My Mom Was Right About Madison Prewett!

Every year, Chris Harrison promises that Bachelor fans are in for the most dramatic season finale ever. And with Peter Weber’s season, he might have actually been telling the truth. Peter’s conclusion wasn’t dramatic in any satisfying way, mind you. He proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss; they broke up; he half-heartedly pursued Madison Prewett; they […]

James King, My 600-lb Life Star, Dead at 49

James King, a fan favorite from the long-running series my 600-lb Life, died last Friday at a hospital in Nashville. He was 49 years old. King’s family has announced this tragic news, which comes after James had been battling a number of recent and serious health issues. These health issues have included sepsis and cirrhosis […]