The Normal Heart Playwright and AIDS Activist Larry Kramer Dies at 84

Daughter of former president Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, also wrote about Kramer's impact on her life.  "Reading The Normal Heart as a kid changed my life and I was completely overwhelmed when I first met its author during its 2011 Broadway run," she wrote on Twitter. "Devastated to learn of Larry Kramer’s passing and holding […]

Nick Cordero's Wife Says He's Taking a Step Forward After Setback

Amanda Kloots is sharing an update on Nick Cordero‘s health after a setback earlier this week. The Broadway star, who has been in a health battle for months amid his Coronavirus hospitalization, woke up from a medically-induced coma last week. Then, just days ago, Kloots told her Instagram followers that Cordero’s recovery had started to go […]

Denise Richards Doesn't Need Beauty Sleep To Keep Her Skin Flawless At 49

Denise Richards just revealed she has insomnia in a new no-makeup Instagram video. Despite the lack of beauty sleep, the 49-year-old actress’s skin looks flawless. The RHOBH star recently launched her own skincare line on May 1, 2020. Actress and Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards just revealed she’s been living with insomnia […]

NHS staff beg the Government not to freeze public sector wages

Hundreds of NHS staff beg the Government not to freeze public sector wages to help pay for coronavirus crisis NHS workers beg Chancellor Rishi Sunak to rule out public sector freeze pay It comes after a leaked Treasury report a two-pay halt on public wage rises The report warned of a £337bn Budget deficit following […]

Coca-Cola and Carlsberg back new all-plant containers

The end of plastic bottles? Coca-Cola and Carlsberg back new all-plant drinks containers that will rot away to nothing within a year Dutch biochemical company Avantium are developing a new plant-plastic The material would form a protective, recyclable layer inside a cardboard bottle  Avantium hopes to have their new drinks containers on shelves by 2023 Drinks […]