Who played Saucy Nancy in Worzel Gummidge?

ADORABLE scarecrow Worzel Gummidge was a Christmas telly highlight last year. And this year he's back. In this Christmas episode, Worzel will come across Saucy Nancy, the figurehead of a ruined ship. Here's who will be playing the foul-mouthed character… Who played Saucy Nancy in the original Worzel Gummidge? Saucy Nancy was played by none other […]

True-crime star Nancy Grace has some sad COVID-19 news

While true-crime TV personality Nancy Grace has cultivated a rough and tough reputation throughout the years, the star revealed that even one’s strong façade cannot protect them from the throes of illness. As the 61-year-old host of Injustice With Nancy Grace told The Daily Mail, she and her immediate family — her husband, teenage twins, […]