'Locke & Key': 3 Questions Fans Need Answered in Season 3

The Locke family may have defeated their demons, but their troubles are far from over. Netflix’s action-packed Locke & Key Season 2 followed Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode Locke as they formed new alliances and forged new keys in order to bring an end to the evil Dodge and her alter-ego, Gabe. Of course, with Locke […]

'Lucifer' Season 6: These 5 Farewells Will Make You Cry Every Time

Lucifer Season 6 marked the show’s final outing on Netflix, bidding farewell to Tom Ellis’ devil once and for all. Of course, that proved an emotional endeavor — especially after how attached fans had grown to the show’s characters. To make matters worse, many of the characters themselves were forced to say goodbye to one […]

'Locke & Key': The 5 Creepiest Moments in Season 2

Locke & Key is back for season 2 with double the stakes, double the action, and double the scare factor. The Netflix adaptation has so far been fairly tame compared to the horror elements in Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s comic books; that’s because showrunners Meredith Averill and Carlton Cuse wanted to put more emphasis […]

'Locke & Key' Season 2: New Keys and Their Powers, Explained

The Locke family’s magic is back in action in Locke & Key Season 2. Netflix‘s new batch of episodes follows Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke a few months after allegedly defeating the Black Door’s demon, Dodge, for good. However, the kids don’t know that Kinsey’s friend, Gabe, is actually Dodge in disguise, still alive and […]

'You': How Do The Books Differ From The Netflix Series?

The hit Netflix series, You, is actually based on a book of the same name by Caroline Kepnes. The book has subsequently become a series of books. The streaming series, so far, has been a faithful adaptation of the novel. However, there are a few major differences between the book and the streaming series. Let’s […]

Fired transgender Netflix worker says they didn't leak Chappelle pay

Fired transgender Netflix program manager denies ‘leaking Dave Chappelle’s $24.1M salary’ The transgender Netflix program manager who was fired for allegedly ‘leaking Dave Chappelle’s comedy special salary’ says they did not share the information   Netflix fired program manager B. Pagels-Minor for leaking that the company paid $24.1 million for Dave Chappelle’s controversial comedy special ‘The Closer’ […]

Scene at the Netflix Walkout Rally to Protest Chappelle Show

Trans Netflix employees and activists took to the streets near the streamer’s Hollywood office Photo by Matt Petit Dozens of trans employees and LGBTQ supporters assembled outside of Netflix’s offices in Hollywood. on Wednesday for the “‘Stand Up’ in Solidarity” organized by trans activist Ashlee Marie Preston. Preston and others addressed a crowd of roughly […]