NFL Saturday playoff betting predictions: A shot at redemption

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NFL divisional round best bets: Picks for every game

It’s the NFL postseason, and ESPN betting analysts Doug Kezirian (0-2 last week, 21-33-2 overall), Joe Fortenbaugh (2-2, 35-58-1), Anita Marks (5-15, 112-115-2), Preston Johnson (1-0, 16-20), Mike Clay (5-6, 21-16) and Tyler Fulghum (4-6-1, 64-87-3), sports betting deputy editor David Bearman (0-2, 34-24), Seth Walder (0-0, 50-31) of ESPN analytics and Aaron Schatz (0-4, […]

Michael Strahan's Dad Supported 9 Kids on a Janitor's Salary

Michael Strahan might just be the American dream personified. He worked hard to become not just an NFL player but a Hall of Famer. He won a championship, rode off into the sunset, and parlayed his earlier success into a career as a TV presenter. Now, the 49-year-old is a personality on multiple popular TV […]