NHS background staff were coronavirus super-spreaders within hospitals

NHS cleaners, porters and office staff were secret coronavirus super-spreaders within hospitals, new tests reveal Sir John Bell, who runs the nation’s screening drive, said NHS cleaners at risk Background workers in hospitals have ‘sky high’ level of coronavirus antibodies  Health bosses are planning to better protect cleaners and porters in the future  NHS cleaners, […]

Contact tracing and the problems with untested technology

In 1984 I was appointed director of the government-sponsored National Interactive Video Centre. The centre was established to operate as a neutral information point for anyone interested in what were then emerging technologies. From the early days we saw many civil servants and politicians, all of them eagerly pursuing the question of whether untested, untried, […]

NHS frontline doctor QUITS because Dominic Cummings did not resign

NHS frontline doctor QUITS a week after he threatened to hand in his notice if Dominic Cummings did not resign over his 260mile lockdown trip to Durham Dr Dominic Pimenta said Dominic Cummings ‘spits in the face’ of the NHS  Junior doctor threatened to resign if the Downing Street aide remained in his job Dr […]