The nine commandments of the NHS blueprint – and what they really mean

The nine commandments… and what they really mean: A right to face-to-face appointments, better phone systems, and more help from pharmacists – SHAUN WOOLLER examines the new NHS blueprint The Daily Mail launched its campaign to improve access to GPs after horror stories from readers struggling to be seen Today’s new NHS England and Department […]

What does the Nine of Cups tarot card mean?

THE Nine of Cups tarot explores the ideas of gratitude, happiness, and indulgence. You are allowed to be comfortable, but becoming too comfortable can be harmful. What is visually depicted in the Nine of Cups card? On the Nine of Cups tarot card, a man comfortably sits on a wooden bench. His arms are crossed […]

Nine men shot dead in brutal Yemen public execution by Houthi rebels

Nine ‘spies’ are dragged to a public square, forced to lie on their fronts and shot dead in public execution carried out by Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen The nine men were convicted in a ‘sham trial’ for spying for the Saudi-led coalition against the Houthi rebels The coalition carried out the targeted killing of Houthi […]

CRAIG BROWN: Nine fascinating facts about the suit

CRAIG BROWN: I say, Jeeves, who’ll save my bally pinstripe? Nine fascinating facts about the suit 1 Men’s suits are on their way out. As a result of what Marks & Spencer’s director of menswear calls ‘customers’ rapidly changing needs’, fewer than half of the company’s clothing stores are now stocking suits. Meanwhile, sales for […]