No, Speaker Heastie, massive flaws in no-bail law are not ‘fake news’

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is blaming the media for the public fury over the state’s latest criminal-justice reforms: “Newspapers don’t know how to write correct stories,” he fumes. Sorry: Way too much is going wrong, too fast, for this to be “fake news.” Just ask Mayor Bill de Blasio, who on Friday told WNYC’s Brian […]

Here’s How to Watch ‘Joker’ Now

Good news for fans who missed that nihilistic abyss of a filmgoing experience—screening the Joker in theaters—and god help those who just want to watch it all over again: Joker is already out on Blu-ray and DVD and available to rent and stream on Amazon. For all its dreary, angsty, stair-dancing emptiness, the film has […]

Kim Kardashian: No, Really, I’m Gonna Be a Lawyer!

According to a recent report that may or may not be accurate, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are seeing a sex therapist because their marriage has become boring, dull and orgasm-free. According to Kim Kardashian herself, meanwhile, she’s very serious about becoming a lawyer! In 2019, the mother of four announced she was studying for the bar […]