NYC’s White Horse Tavern shut down over social-distancing violations

New York City’s famed White Horse Tavern has been shut down after being stripped of its liquor license for what state officials call “numerous” violations of coronavirus social-distancing rules. The state Liquor Authority issued an emergency suspension order against the legendary Greenwich Village bar during a special meeting at which it was slapped with 30 […]

No lives matter to NYC’s lawless leftists: Devine

‘NYPD! Suck my d–k!” protesters chanted outside City Hall Tuesday night as the City Council worked overtime to slash the police budget in the middle of a crime wave. New York’s Finest were stoic behind their masks as they took disgusting abuse from hundreds of champagne revolutionaries. Did their mothers not teach their anti-cop offspring […]

Video captures NYC’s latest unprovoked sidewalk attack

Disturbing surveillance video shows a woman getting walloped without warning by a passerby in Brooklyn on Monday morning — the city’s latest case of unprovoked sidewalk violence. The unsuspecting, 40-year-old victim was sitting on the stoop outside 418 Sterling St. in Crown Heights when a man she doesn’t know struck her on the left side […]

NYC’s daily coronavirus indicators show ‘mixed bag’: De Blasio

The city’s latest statistics for its daily coronavirus indicators are “a reminder of how much we have to stick to the plan,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday as hospitalizations and the number of patients in intensive care units spiked. “Today is a mixed bag,” de Blasio said of the stats, which have a two-day […]

NYC's mid-February heart attack spike could've been sign of COVID-19

New York City saw five times the normal number of heart attacks in mid-February in what could have been an early signal of the coming coronavirus outbreak Data shows that New York City saw a spike in heart attacks in mid-February The uptick in 911 calls for cardiac arrest occurred in Brooklyn and Queens  One […]

NYC’s leaders aren’t remotely facing the coronavirus fiscal disaster

As the COVID-19 lockdowns drag on and the local economic picture looks ever grimmer, the fiscal response by city officials — from Mayor Bill de Blasio on down — looks increasingly out to lunch. Jobless numbers released Thursday hint that the nation is heading into Depression-era territory: With 26 million out of work, the US […]

NYC’s coronavirus death toll reaches triple digits

New York City’s coronavirus death toll soared into the triple digits Monday night, with 125 people dying from the illness, city officials said. The number represents an increase of 26 city fatalities since Sunday night. Since Monday morning the number of coronavirus cases in the Big Apple jumped from 12,339 to 13,119, according to City […]