President Obama on the keys to democracy's survival, healing racial divide

The world has and continues to change in so many monumental ways since former President Barack Obama’s eight years in office. Today, he says he stays awake at night thinking about how democracy can flourish in our constantly evolving world. Watch “Juneteenth: Together We Triumph – A Soul of a Nation Special Event” FRIDAY at […]

Barack Obama says Biden is ‘finishing the job’ of his presidency

More On: barack obama Obama called ‘parasite’ on Democratic Party in new election book Biden jokes about Obama comment that UFOs are out there: ‘I would ask him again’ ‘Corrupt motherf–ker’: Obama had harsh words on Trump, book claims Trump takes his place in National Portrait Gallery’s ‘America’s Presidents’ exhibit Former President Barack Obama believes […]

Obama administration scientist says climate ‘emergency’ is based on fallacy

More On: climate change Coal crusher: W. Virginia AG calls Biden climate plan ‘devastating’ job killer Jill Biden hears from Navajo women on needs, priorities Biden to talk climate change at very non-green ‘drive-in rally’ Fossil fuel workers should get new jobs ‘where they live,’ Biden says ‘The Science,” we’re told, is settled. How many […]

The Sweet Gift Michelle Obama Once Gave The Queen

One can only imagine the gifts Queen Elizabeth II has received over the course of her historically long reign, from all sorts of global leaders and dignitaries. An article in Reader’s Digest went through some of the weirdest and most surprising of these presents — including one sweet offering from the former first lady of […]

Michelle Obama talks sisterhood and leadership with London schoolgirls

Michelle Obama talks ‘sisterhood and leadership’ with group of London schoolgirls she first met in 2009 during hour-long virtual reunion Michelle Obama spoke to the current and former pupils of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School, in Islington, and Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets She discussed topics including mentorship and impact of Covid on girls’ […]

Barack Obama Can Cook Three Things, Says Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama dedicated her time in the White House to educating Americans on the impact of food, nutrition, and healthy cooking, and she is continuing that work even while no longer First Lady with her new Netflix children’s show, Waffles + Mochi. Obama recently revealed, however, that her vast culinary knowledge doesn’t quite extend to […]