The denim trend that gets maximum style points with minimal effort

Sales of denim are up, but it’s no longer just about jeans. The piece to know this summer is as straightforward and easy as they come: meet the denim boilersuit. Yes, floaty floral dresses and barely-there tops are great and all, but what about the days (you know those days) where you just can’t bring […]

9 chic midi dresses to wear at all times

Summer is just around the corner – so plan ahead for the sunshine with our edit of the best midi dresses to shop right now. Ah, British summertime. A few blissful weeks of the year where, after spending what feels like eleven months in hibernation, we shed our winter layers and savour the feel of the […]

11 jumpers to get you in the festive mood, from cheesy to chic

From low-key jewelled styles to all out 80s vibes, here’s our edit of the best Christmas jumpers to shop now With only our top half ever being seen right now, the Christmas jumper has never felt more on point. It’s the perfect companion to your leggings and joggers whilst at home or on your weekly […]

I have a new problem: I can’t stop shopping online

I went out with a guy once who was mad into the Frankfurt School Marxist Theodor Adorno. He was insistent that you had to read Adorno six or seven times before you could even hope to understand him. He emphasised this so much that I felt it would be a terrible idea to read him, […]

8 DIY wine-making kits to spark joy on lockdown

Looking to spark a little more joy in your lockdown routine? Bring the joy of wine-making to your doorstep with these deliciously simple DIY kits. We like a good project as much as the next woman in lockdown. And while piecing together an Ikea wardrobe or creating a garden wall holds a certain level of […]