Bidding for Blue Origin's first human flight hits $4.5 million

With only two more days left, bidding for Blue Origin’s first human flight alongside Jeff Bezos and his brother hits $4.5MILLION Bidding for a seat on Blue Origin’s New Shephard rocket alongside Jeff Bezos and his brother topped $4.5 million on Thursday  The highest bid to ride on the July 20 flight is currently $4.5 […]

Leave inquiry into origins of COVID-19 to the scientists

The independent inquiry into how and where the COVID-19 virus originated made its first report last week but the controversy around the issue continues. A World Health Organisation expert panel, including Australian microbiologist Dominic Dwyer, which in February visited Wuhan where the virus was first identified more than a year ago, made no definitive finding. […]

Dan Levy Explains Origins Of Sweet Saturday Night Live Host Tradition

Celebs who have hosted Saturday Night Live are in a special club — and recently, they’ve made headlines for lifting each other up. It all started when Regina King shared a cute post-it note message from the previous week’s host, Dan Levy. The director shared the simple encouragement (“You got this!”) on her Instagram Story […]

Coronavirus origins may be Wuhan market or lab, White House advisor says

White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said on Tuesday that the coronavirus pandemic may have emerged in a “filthy” and “horrific” wet market or in a Wuhan virology lab. “If you’re China, neither one’s a good answer,” O’Brien told reporters on the White House driveway. The adviser indicated that the US government still isn’t […]

The untold origins of Kobe Bryant’s famed Mamba Mentality

As the sports world eulogizes Kobe Bryant — who died Sunday along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others in a tragic helicopter crash — most will remember his scoring, others his work ethic and winning. Some even his storytelling and underrated humor. But all will recall his toughness, his famed Mamba Mentality that […]